The Western region of FUSTA, supporting the tradition of Highland Dancing in the US.

Welcome to ScotDance USA West

The Sacramento Valley Highland Games on April 27-28, 2019.

USIR Raffle

We are so excited to announce the 2019 USIR Raffle!  Please visit the link to see the amazing prizes.

  • Full Kilt Outfit - Tartantown

  • Full National Outfit - Highland In Style

  • Custom Jig Outfit - Thistle Do Nicely

  • Kilt Hose - Kilkeel

  • Highland Business Coaching- Highland Business Solutions

  • Highland Wellness Training by Laura Donlan

  • Personal Training for Highland by Sandra Gribbin

  • Dooney and Bourke Purple Plaid and Suede Purse

  • Loganbearies Bear in National Outfit in Dress Stewart

  • Autographed Baseball - San Francisco Giants

A huge thank you to our wonderful donors!

USIR 2019 Entries Open

Entries for USIR 2019 are now open. Visit the registration site. Or, for those on Apple devices, you can download the app for free and enter that way as well. Visit the USIR 2019 website for more details and updates. See you in Vegas!

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